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This is awkward…

No one likes to talk about hygiene. Especially not bathroom stuff. But, since Uncle Edgar pushed me through that mirror, I’ve been thinking about bathrooms. A lot. That’s probably because I haven’t seen (or used) one since I arrived in this “other world.” The closest thing to a bathroom here is called a privy, and […]

I’m Being Watched!

Shhh! Don’t say a word. Just listen. I’m hiding with Gavril, Ron, Kat, and the others in a smelly blacksmith shop. (I swear it doubles as a barn.) Yes, I’m still stuck in that “other world.” And we’re on the run again. (Long story. I can’t go into it here, or Bailey Baxter will kill […]

The Mirror of Doom is FREE!

Well, kinda. I mean… yes, it’s free. But only for a limited time. And only the Kindle version. But that’s cool, because you can read it on your phone when you’re stuck standing in line at Walmart. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather face a dragon like Akar than stand forever in one […]

I’ve been hacked!

My sister snuck in here behind my back and read my private online journal – and posted an entry! ACK! There should be laws against this kind of thing! This is awful! I need to delete her post. But I don’t know how! ARGH!!

This is Kat

Timmy left the computer on, and I saw what he wrote about me. It’s a complete and total LIE! Yes, I left my diary out – by accident! It was NOT an “invitation” to Timmy to read it! And I don’t care what he says. If he didn’t take my diary, we would NOT have […]

Okay, I need your opinion.

Let’s pretend your bossy older sister leaves her precious diary just lying there on the coffee table in the living room. No one else is around. What would you do? Wait… before you answer that question, let me also say that this is the only time you’ve seen that diary out in plain sight. So […]

Howdy. My name is Tim Hunter.

That’s Tim – not Timmy. Yeah, at 12-years-old, I’m still “technically” a kid. But I want to set the record straight now, because I know guys who are called “Billy,” “Jimmy” and, yes, even “Timmy” – and they’re adults! That’s so not going to happen to me. Anyway, my older sister Kat keeps a diary. […]