Howdy. My name is Tim Hunter.

That’s Tim – not Timmy.

Yeah, at 12-years-old, I’m still “technically” a kid. But I want to set the record straight now, because I know guys who are called “Billy,” “Jimmy” and, yes, even “Timmy” – and they’re adults!

That’s so not going to happen to me.

Anyway, my older sister Kat keeps a diary. Knowing her, it’s probably filled with lame stuff. But it got me thinking…

I can do better. I can create the ultimate diary online – and only let the cool kids read it.

Like you.

Not a girlie diary. No sir. A man-diary.

Or, better yet… a journal. An online journal.

How cool is that?

Just don’t tell anyone about it. I don’t mind YOU reading it. After all, you seem pretty cool. But I don’t want just anyone to see it. Especially not my sister!

After all… it’s PRIVATE. So shhh!

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