Why buy school supplies when you can…

Get School Supplies for Free!

It costs a small fortune to outfit kids for school these days. That’s why a group of authors — including yours truly — decided to help.

We are giving away $120-worth of free school supplies to the lucky winner of our Back-to-School giveaway! Plus, the first-prize winner gets autographed copies of these nine paperback books:


Yes, that includes an autographed copy of MY book, “The Mirror of Doom”!

Your kids will be all set for the school year. Plus, 2nd- and 3rd-place winners also receive autographed copies of the above paperback books.

Once you enter the contest, you will receive a “lucky link.” Share that link with all your friends on social media — and you will get 4 additional entries for each person that uses your link! So… the more you share the link, the GREATER your chances of winning.

Get your kids’ new school year started off with a real bang — $120-worth of school supplies and a library of great books! Click here to enter our Back-to-School giveaway now.

Bailey Baxter

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