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Two Excuses…

Bailey Baxter here. Remember me? The author of The Mirror of Doom? You signed up for my email list, and I promised you I’d send you a post once a month. And, then I totally dropped the ball. Yeah, it’s been months since I posted anything on my website. MONTHS! And, I’m embarrassed, mortified, and […]

Why Your Uncle Should Never Choose Your Wedding Cake

I’m willing to bet you’ve seen a wedding cake before. You know it’s supposed to be tall, elegant, and intricately decorated with flowers, lacework, and ribbons all made of delicious icing. Just like this picture here. At least, that’s what I see in my head when I think “wedding cake.” Don’t you? Well, last weekend, […]

Why buy school supplies when you can…

Get School Supplies for Free! It costs a small fortune to outfit kids for school these days. That’s why a group of authors — including yours truly — decided to help. We are giving away $120-worth of free school supplies to the lucky winner of our Back-to-School giveaway! Plus, the first-prize winner gets autographed copies […]

A Bundle of Summer Reads for Your Kids — No Charge!

Like getting free stuff? I sure do! So, I’ve tracked down 13 other middle-grade authors and convinced each one to GIVE you an eBook. Yeah, you don’t have to pay a cent. It took much arm-twisting and begging… Well, not really. They were actually quite eager to give you one of their books. That means… […]

A Fan of Fairy Tales? You Might Like This…

Hey there! Bailey here. It’s probably no secret that I love to read. I especially love reimagined fairy tales. (Shocker, right?) Well, every so often I come across a book I really like. Like now. And I wanted to share it with you. It’s called “The Ugly Stepsister” by Aya Ling — and it’s the […]

Your Chance to Win a Kindle!

Hi! Bailey Baxter here! I’ve teamed up with author Rose-Marie Lyttle and four other authors to offer YOU the chance to win a Kindle Paperwhite — valued at $152.24! Just click here to enter our Spring Break Giveaway — and get even MORE chances to win when you refer your friends! Plus, to thank you […]

I’m Being Watched!

Shhh! Don’t say a word. Just listen. I’m hiding with Gavril, Ron, Kat, and the others in a smelly blacksmith shop. (I swear it doubles as a barn.) Yes, I’m still stuck in that “other world.” And we’re on the run again. (Long story. I can’t go into it here, or Bailey Baxter will kill […]

The Mirror of Doom is FREE!

Well, kinda. I mean… yes, it’s free. But only for a limited time. And only the Kindle version. But that’s cool, because you can read it on your phone when you’re stuck standing in line at Walmart. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather face a dragon like Akar than stand forever in one […]