Meet The Author/Illustrator

Author: Bailey Baxter* lives in Asheville, NC with her Shih-tzu Lucy (that’s a dog), rooms full of books, and a pantry full of chocolate. Mostly dark chocolate. She spends her days writing online junk mail for health supplement companies. But I’m taking her away from all that. (Who reads that stuff anyway?) She was visiting family in CT and walking her dog in the park when I bumped into her – and told her about my adventures. Unlike most people, she believed me and offered to turn my story into a series of books. She’s pretty awesome – for an adult.

* Bailey Baxter is actually a pen name. I’m not allowed to give away her real name. She swore me to secrecy.

Illustrator: LaSablonnière is the artist behind the cool illustrations you see in my book and on my website. He goes by just one name – like Madonna. Well, maybe not like Madonna. She’s a girl, and he’s not. But you know what I mean. LaSablonnière calls himself a “Man of Mystery” who likes to eat raw sushi with chocolate-covered peanuts. Rumor has it that he secretly creates Stormtrooper costumes in his basement. (Shhh! Don’t tell his wife.) He might seem a bit weird, but he’s a better artist than Picasso, if you ask me. He’s also been working for more than 20 years under a not-so-secret identity producing animation and video games – and he loves Star Wars and The Hobbit! (You can see why I like this guy!)

Furry Mascot: Bailey Baxter’s dog Lucy is the unofficial head of my fan club. (Don’t be impressed. She loves EVERYONE.) When she’s not lying next to Bailey’s desk, Lucy spends her time napping in her comfy doggie bed, chasing (and guarding) tennis balls, and eating cardboard shipping boxes. (She thinks Amazon’s boxes are particularly tasty.) You can see her in action in the photo below…

2016-02-05 16.41.15