Yep, this is me. I'm Tim Hunter, and I'm 12-years-old. Some people insist on calling me Timmy, but I hate that. So if we ever meet, don't do it. I like Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit (of course) - and I LOVE playing video games. But my favorite hobby is annoying my sister. (When you meet her, you'll see why.)


Kat's real name is Katherine, but no one calls her that. She's 15-years-old. She always makes the honor role at school (and rubs my nose in it)… organizes her socks by color in her drawer (yes, I've seen it with my own eyes)… and keeps her school supplies in Tupperware containers. With labels.


Ron is 16. He's not the brightest light on the Christmas tree, but he's super good at sports. Football, soccer, baseball, bowling… he's aced them all. As you can probably guess, the cheerleaders love him. He's always dating girls named Brandy, Candy, and (my personal favorite) Bambi.


Erick Hunter married my mom about two years ago. He even adopted us kids, which kind of makes him our dad. But we still call him Erick. He's secretive about his past. (I like to imagine he was a spy or something!) But he's awesome at outdoorsy stuff. He even taught me and Ron how to hunt and fish. (Well, he taught Ron, anyway.)


Uncle Edgar is my mom's older brother. He lives on the third floor of my grandma's house where he's always working on some secret "project." Uncle Edgar gives me the creeps. He's not to be trusted. If you ever see him - run.


Gavril would tell you he's not the prince of anything - since his step-mom took over his kingdom and kicked him and his dad out. He wears a tunic like Robin Hood… fights like Zorro with his sword… and can build a fire better than a Boy Scout. But he's SO serious! Would it kill him to crack a smile once in a while?


Beriman is an honest-to-goodness dwarf. With his tunic and pointy hat, he looks like he stepped out of the pages of a fairy tale. But don't tell him that - he would be totally offended. Yeah, he can be grouchy at times, but he's a fierce fighter and he's as brave as a lion.


King Gunther seems nice enough when you first meet him. But he's got a secret mean streak. (Trust me… I saw it!) He's the one that "persuaded" (as in threatened and blackmailed) us to go after the queen's mirror. But, he's a real push-over. I mean… come on! He let a girl steal his kingdom away from him! Who does that?


Morissa married King Gunther. And she is gorgeous! She looks like a supermodel, or something. But she's wicked, jealous and spiteful. Yeah, she's the one who kicked King Gunther out of Tryton. You don't mess with this chick. You cross her… and you're dead. You have a better hair day than she does… and you're dead. You try to take her favorite mirror… and you're dead. You get the picture.


Akar is ugly, loaded with scales and as big as a house. Bigger, even. This reptile-on-steroids lives deep within Mount Kern. And what a hoarder! Akar's got a stash of gold coins, jewelry, weapons and other assorted goodies that would make your eyes pop. If you could get your hands on it, you'd be richer than your wildest dreams - but you probably wouldn't make it out alive to enjoy it.