A Fan of Fairy Tales? You Might Like This…

TheUglyStepSisterHey there!

Bailey here. It’s probably no secret that I love to read. I especially love reimagined fairy tales. (Shocker, right?)

Well, every so often I come across a book I really like. Like now. And I wanted to share it with you. It’s called “The Ugly Stepsister” by Aya Ling — and it’s the Cinderella story like you never experienced it before.

In a nutshell, the main character 17-year-old Kat accidentally rips a copy of the “Cinderella” book. Unfortunately, the book was cursed by a goblin king. Kat is instantly transported to a fairy tale land as Cinderella’s ugly stepsister. She can only go home when she gets to the “happily ever after.”

The problem is… Kat ends up drawing the attention of the Prince, who seems to be falling for her INSTEAD of Cinderella. And Kat might be falling for him as well. Can she deny her growing feelings for the Prince and find her way home again?

That’s a brief synopsis of the book, but here’s why I liked it so much…

The character Kat was likeable and feisty — and not afraid to speak her mind. She started off unsure of herself around guys — especially handsome ones. And she felt “ugly” compared to her pretty mother and sister. But her interactions with the good-looking Prince help her grow in confidence in who she is as a person.

I also liked how the plot kept me guessing. I know the Cinderella story. So, I expected things to go a certain way — and then, they didn’t. That made me have to read on. I had to KNOW what happened next. Because, this just isn’t your typical Cinderella story. And things don’t go as Kat — or the reader — thinks they will. It’s a refreshing take on a well-worn story that keeps you rooting for Kat… torn over the decision she ultimately has to make… and hoping she finds her happy ending.

Plus, I really loved reading a fairy tale about a fairly average-looking girl who finds true beauty in herself. What a great message for teen girls!

That said, I highly recommend “The Ugly Stepsister” for girls age 14 and up. If you like re-imagined fairy tales, “forbidden” romance, or happy endings, you’ll love this book.

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